• Patti Cardle

    Hi! My name is Patti. I’m the owner of Two Old Birds Soap Company.

    Eleven years ago, I was introduced to soap making by a dear friend of mine. Once I started, I was hooked! At first, I only made soap for family and friends. Then, one day, my husband Jim let me know that the time had come to do something about all the soap in the house. I suggested we take some to the local Farmers’ Market. To Jim’s surprise, my soap was a success!

    So here we are, six years later. I have one employee, Jim, who was ready to enjoy retirement just as the business took off. He retired on a Friday in 2019, and I hired him on Saturday!

    If you haven’t already guessed, Jim and I are the “Two Old Birds.” As my daughter likes to say, I’m also the Mad Scientist. I carefully handcraft all my products in small batches, using natural, high-quality ingredients. My
    one-of-a-kind approach involves mastering unique scents and lively color combinations. Meanwhile, Jim packages, labels, and manages the finances.

    Two years ago, we began expanding our product line. As customers inquired about lotions, scrubs, and bath products, I set off on an “R&D” (research and development) mission. After much experimentation, I soon had a collection of expanded merchandise.

    My business is founded on my passion for the craft, so I take pride in each product. I’m happy to say that everything we sell comes from our kitchen to your hands. Thank you for supporting us the “Two Old Birds” on our creative journey!